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Tech Week takes place 3-7 October 2022. Members can choose to attend as many or as few sessions as you like - there are no restrictions on numbers! 

Each session runs for one hour.  There are four sessions running each day across the week - 9.30am, 11am, 1pm and 2.30pm, with the event ending with the 1pm session on Friday. 


Session 1: 9.30-10.30: Nous
De-mystifying digital: How to understand the real financial opportunities and impact of digital transformation

Session 2: 11.00-12.00: Oracle
Value of a Single ERP for Higher Education institutions

Session 3: 13.00-14.00: Flywire
Re-imagining Finance & Technology (Again & Again) in HEIs

Session 4: 14.30-15.30: Account-Ability
Nail TRAC: the STANDARD SOLUTION that does it all – and More!

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Session 5: 9.30-10.30: Jisc
Working out your carbon digital footprint

Session 6: 11.00-12.00: EY-Parthenon
Digital: Yesterday’s Differentiator, Today’s Necessity - Accelerating Your University's Digital Transition

Session 7: 13.00-14.00: Evosys / Durham University
Durham University's decision journey to Cloud

Session 8: 14.30-15.30: Budgeting Solutions
21st Century Planning in Higher Education

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Session 9: 9.30-10.30: PwC
Deploying Analytics and AI for Fraud Detection

Session 10: 11.00-12.00: Tribal
Using Benchmarking Business Intelligence to save £3M

Session 11: 13.00-14.00: Unit4
It’s change whether we like it or not!

Session 12: 14.30-15.30: ATFS
The Rise of Digital Payment Methods

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Session 13: 9.30-10.30: KPMG
Finance ERP Transformation: "OK, you are a little bit different..."

Session 14: 11.00-12.00: Worktribe
A one platform approach to research management

Session 15: 13.00-14.00: Touchnet
Security and Compliance: A campuswide responsibility

Session 16: 14.30-15.30: Simitive
Decisions without accurate operational data are just opinions

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Session 17: 9.30-10.30: Workday
Deliver extraordinary results in a changing world

Session 18: 11.00-12.00: 4C Associates
Procurement Intelligence

Session 19: 13.00-14.00: Amazon
Amazon, sustainability, and corporate responsibility: how can technology help universities achieve their own sustainability goals?

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And, if you have any questions about the sessions, contact Matt Sisson.



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