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Communicating Value

Teaching students is just one of the things that universities do. They expand human knowledge by undertaking research in a mind-boggling range of areas. They are at the forefront of countless discoveries. They are key parts of their local communities, and regional hubs of economic activity. They are major employers, magnets for national and international collaboration, and an important pillar of civil society.

Despite this, universities often struggle to communicating their value. They work hard to find ways to get these important messages across but they can't assume that, amidst a busy news cycle, the public and governments will automatically hear about all the good things that they do. Universities must work together, and work harder, to communicate the invaluable ways they contribute to society.

BUFDG is contributing to this effort by supporting finance directors to improve financial communication, assisting the development of value reporting (in particular the use of Integrated Reporting <IR>). To find out more about Integrated Reporting, and how it could help your institution demonstrate its value, visit our Integrated Reporting section.


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