Financial Reporting

Which courses are relevant if you work in the financial reporting team?

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Anti-Money Laundering

This course aimed at all staff in a university to increase understanding of money laundering regulations, how to spot money laundering red flags in a university and what you should do.

Corporation Tax - Managing Subsidiary Companies (BUFDG Pro)

The aim of this module is to introduce you to calculating the taxable profits of your subsidiary company/companies.  It also explains why universities have subsidiary companies, what the tax benefits of subsidiary companies are, and how you can manage them to achieve tax efficiency. It is a follow-up to the Intro to Corporation Tax course.

Corporation Tax – University NPP Trading Computations (BUFDG Pro)

The aim of this course is to show you how to calculate the taxable trading profits of your university. It will review what is exempt and then focus on calculating non-primary purpose (NPP) trading profit or loss.

Criminal Finances Act 2017

This session will help you understand what the Criminal Finances Act 2017 is, and how it impacts universities. It also shows you what you need to do to protect yourself, and support your HEI.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers (BUFDG Pro)

This course will introduce the role of the Finance function in HE, what Finance do and why. The course will explore financial rules and regulations, financial reporting standards and financial sustainability. The module then moves on to financial information in HE, starting with the annual finance cycle, then to onto to financial statements and internal financial management.

Guide to Modern Slavery

This session will help you understand what Modern Slavery is and how it might impact your institution.

Import Principles for HE Procurement and School / Departmental Staff

This course covers the basic rules and considerations for the import of goods into the UK whether those goods are purchased, loaned, donated or sent free of charge.

Intro to Counter Fraud

This introductory module will help improve your awareness of the risk of fraud in your institution, and what you can do to prevent it.

Introducing VAT in HE (BUFDG Pro)

This course will be helpful to those responsible for dealing with financial transactions in universities, such as budgeting, purchasing or generating income. It provides an overview of how VAT applies specifically in the higher education sector but is not intended to be a fully comprehensive guide.

Introduction to Tax on Research (BUFDG Pro)

This course will be helpful to you if you are responsible for deciding whether to charge VAT on income received by a university for a research project, or need to understand whether VAT should be included in the cost of a research project.

Introduction to TRAC (BUFDG Pro)

This course outlines what TRAC is, it's purpose, the key elements of the methodology, and how it is used by institutions. It is intended to be useful for all colleagues involved in TRAC at all levels - even if not directly responsible for working with TRAC data or preparing returns.

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