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A guide to writing an effective business case (BUFDG Pro)

This module is aimed at anyone who needs to prepare a business case or who will be involved in reviewing or assessing business cases.It provides an introduction to the topic for those with little or no experience of preparing a business case. While it includes an overview of the financial elements of a business case, it does not assume any financial expertise.

Anti-Money Laundering

This course aimed at all staff in a university to increase understanding of money laundering regulations, how to spot money laundering red flags in a university and what you should do.

Benefits in HE (BUFDG Pro)

This course will introduce you to the correct tax treatment of the different benefits common in the HE sector.

Criminal Finances Act 2017

This session will help you understand what the Criminal Finances Act 2017 is, and how it impacts universities. It also shows you what you need to do to protect yourself, and support your HEI.

Expenses and Benefits Reporting (BUFDG Pro)

This short course looks specifically at the reporting of expenses and benefits in HE. It follows on from course 26: Expenses in HE and course 34: Benefits in HE, so you may find it helpful to review those first.

Expenses in HE (BUFDG Pro)

This course will introduce you to the correct tax treatment of the different expenses common in the HE sector.

Extended Workforce: Employment Status (BUFDG Pro)

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the requirements to assess engagements with individuals and personal services companies, to determine how they should be treated for tax.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers (BUFDG Pro)

This course will introduce the role of the Finance function in HE, what Finance do and why. The course will explore financial rules and regulations, financial reporting standards and financial sustainability. The module then moves on to financial information in HE, starting with the annual finance cycle, then to onto to financial statements and internal financial management.

Guide to Modern Slavery

This session will help you understand what Modern Slavery is and how it might impact your institution.

Intro to Counter Fraud

This introductory module will help improve your awareness of the risk of fraud in your institution, and what you can do to prevent it.

Introduction to National Minimum Wage in H E (BUFDG Pro)

This course provides an introduction to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and some of the specific issues faced by the H E sector.

Introduction to Pensions in H E (BUFDG Pro)

This course sets out some of the basic concepts of pensions in the H E sector, including providing information on the main schemes in the sector.

Procurement – Writing a Specification (BUFDG Pro)

This course is aimed at anyone within a university who needs to purchase a product or service. The course covers what a specification is and why a good specification is important. It will also take you through how to write a good specification including the different types of specification you may require. This course will supplement internal guidance.

Protecting Human Rights in the Supply Chain

This course looks at the human rights issues faced by organisations in general, and in particular in their supply chain. There are a series of detailed topics and a couple of quizzes to test your learning.

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